About Us

Dex + Dock was established in 2018 in San Diego, CA. 
We craft genuine leather products that fit a variety of lifestyles and purposes. Yes -- real genuine cowhide leather, but there's a catch. We only buy scrap leather material that would otherwise be tossed, never full hides. This allows us to do our part in reducing waste, while being able to create a quality, lasting product. That being said, no two products are ever exactly alike (as with any genuine leather product). All wallets are hand cut and sewn locally. Originality, quality, sustainability. 
We're small, but we dream big. If there is a leather product you'd like that we don't currently carry, let us know. If there is something we could do to better your experience, let us know. Your questions reach our small team directly, and will be personally answered with care. Our dream relies on you. 
Shop Local | Made in California.